Meet Our Pharmacy Family


Kevin Atkins, RPh

Owner / Pharmacist / Anti-Aging Specialist / Nutritionist

Loves providing the absolute best patient care possible and passionate about natural and preventive health. Owner since 1993 with 40 years pharmacy experience.


Russell Meek, PharmD

Clinical Pharmacist / Manager / Preceptor

Enjoys working with great people every day, and being a part of an experienced team. Helping out and getting to know patients in our community is what it’s all about. Team member since 2010 with 15 years pharmacy experience..


Blyss Herrera, PharmD

Clinical Pharmacist / Nutritionist

Loves spending time providing personal patient care as a key aspect of our pharmacy mission. Team member since 2008 with 16 years pharmacy experience.

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Tony Jones, RPh

Pharmacist / Compounding Specialist

Loves working with a team that always has the best interest of the patient in mind ahead of everything else. Team member since 2014 with 44 years pharmacy experience.

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Ginny Norris, CPhT

Certified Pharmacy Technician / Team Leader

Loves working here because everyone has our customers' best interest at heart and care and satisfaction is always the goal. Team member since 1995 with 38 years pharmacy experience.


Dianna Bloodgood, CPhT

Certified Pharmacy Technician / Team Leader

I feel so fortunate to be able to work with such an amazing team of people at Atkins Pharmacy. Thank you for allowing us to serve you Marble Falls!

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Xavier Gilliam, CPhT

Certified Pharmacy Technician / Inventory Specialist

Born and raised right here in Marble Falls, loves providing exceptional customer service and is excited to be part of the pharmacy team since 2021.

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Linda Ballard, CPhT

Certified Pharmacy Technician

Loves working with her team members and customers and always being helpful and kind. Team member since 2014 with 39 years pharmacy experience.

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Jeff Southern, CPhT

Certified Pharmacy Technician / Compounding Lab Manager

Loves working with people and interacting with customers. Team member since 2013 with 24 years pharmacy experience.


Katie Barr, CPhT

Certified Pharmacy Technician / Compounding Specialist

Loves to work with a wonderful pharmily to give our customers a great experience while learning something new every day. Team member since 2019 with 5 years pharmacy experience.


Tatym Etheridge, CPhT

Certified Pharmacy Technician

I love my co-workers and being able to work with them. It's truly a blessing to work with these people and all of our amazing customers.


Shadi Long, CPhT

Wellness Specialist / Certified Pharmacy Technician


Joyce Vaughan

Pharmacy Customer Service

Joyce loves her Atkins Pharmacy customers and team members so much that she came back after retirement. You will see her beautiful smile at our drive through windows. Welcome back Joyce!


Tricia Manning

Pharmacy Customer Service

I'm so glad to be part of the Atkins Family serving Marble Falls and surrounding area.


Joy Starkey, RN

Pharmacy Customer Service / Deliveries

I'm a retired RN and I love working for Atkins Pharmacy!

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Rosie Gonzales

Retail Manager / Buyer

Loves working with our customers as our Buyer and Customer Service expert. She loves the Atkins staff members and being a dedicated member of the team since 2004.


Debbie Cronk

Customer Service Liason

I love working with our customers to ensure they are receiving the best benefits, products, and service possible. I believe we have the best and most supportive team around

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Roxy Wade

Company Manager and Administrator

Loves the Atkins Pharmacy "Family" and our customers. Team member since 2000 with 33 years management experience.

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Vicki Kenney

Administrative Assistant

Loves how our team works so well together and that we have such great customers. Team member for 13 years with 33 years administrative experience.

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Melinda Savage, RPh

In Memory of

Melinda worked with us for over 20 years. She was truly one of the most compassionate and caring pharmacists we have ever known. Her faith was inspiring, unwavering, and sincere. She was our friend that always supported us and we miss her dearly.