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Kevin Atkins, RPh

Owner / Pharmacist / Anti-Aging Specialist / Nutritionist

Loves providing the absolute best patient care possible and passionate about natural and preventive health. Owner since 1993 with 35 years pharmacy experience.


Michael Lacey, RPh

Pharmacist / Manager

Loves helping people and working with a great staff. Team member since 2014 with 35 years pharmacy experience.


Russell Meek, PharmD

Clinical Pharmacist / Manager / Preceptor

Loves working with a great staff and integrating natural medicine with pharmaceutical care to provide the best possible healthcare for the patients we serve. Team member since 2010.

Melinda Savage-2.jpg

Melinda Savage, RPh

Pharmacist / Preceptor

Loves building customer relationships and her work "family". Team member since 2001 with 27 years pharmacy experience.


Tony Jones, RPh

Pharmacist / Compounding Hormone Specialist

Loves working with a team that always has the best interest of the patient in mind ahead of everything else. Team member since 2014 with 39 years pharmacy experience.


Joseph DeBons, PharmD

Clinical Pharmacist

Loves working for independent pharmacy because the focus is on patient care and not corporate profits. Team member since 2015 with 23 years pharmacy experience.


Blyss Herrera, PharmD

Clinical Pharmacist / Nutritionist

Loves spending time providing personal patient care as a key aspect of our pharmacy mission. Team member since 2008.


Ginny Norris, CPhT

Certified Pharmacy Technician / Team Leader

Loves working here because everyone has our customers' best interest at heart and care and satisfaction is always the goal. Team member since 1995 with 33 years pharmacy experience.


Dianna Hernandez, CPhT

Certified Pharmacy Technician / Compounder

Loves building customer relationships and the challenges of compounding. Voted Best Compounding Technician nationwide in September 2013. Team member since 2009.


Jackie Durham, CPhT

Certified Pharmacy Technician / Team Leader

Loves giving customers the best service possible and showing how much we value them and their time. Team member since 2010 with 21 years pharmacy experience.


Shadi Long, CPhT

Certified Pharmacy Technician / Master Herbalist

Loves helping patients with natural healthcare options and studying holistic medicine. Team member since 2004.


Kelly Paige, CPhT

Certified Pharmacy Technician

Loves helping helping people and working with awesome co-workers. Team member since 2002.


Jiffy Darnell, CPhT

Certified Pharmacy Technician

Loves her amazing co-workers and the challenges of managing inventory. Team member since 2011.


Jeff Southern, CPhT

Certified Pharmacy Technician / Compounder

Loves working with people and interacting with customers. Team member since 2013 with 19 years pharmacy experience.


Linda Ballard, CPhT

Certified Pharmacy Technician

Loves working with her team members and customers and always being helpful and kind. Team member since 2014 with 34 years pharmacy experience.


Jade Lee

Pharmacy Technician in Training

Loves working and learning about pharmacy from her co-workers and meeting new people. Team member since 2015.


Shannon Jamison, CMF, CTSF, HHP

Holistic Health Practitioner and Mastectomy / Shoe Fitter

Loves helping our wonderful patients. Team member since 2002.


Samantha Suarez

Customer Service Specialist

Loves helping customers, our store atmosphere, and working with her "other family". Team member since 2016.


Rosie Gonzales

Customer Service Specialist

Loves working with our friendly staff and helping customers. Team member 4 years.


Roxy Wade

Company Manager and Administrator

Loves the Atkins Pharmacy "Family" and our customers. Team member since 2000 with 30 years management experience.


Vicki Kenney

Administrative Assistant

Loves how our team works so well together and that we have such great customers. Team member for 10 years with 30 years administrative experience.

Atkins Pharmacy - Third Street

  • Phone: 830-693-2972
  • Fax: 830-693-8916
  • Monday-Friday 8am-6pm
  • Saturday 9am-4pm

Atkins Express Pharmacy - Hwy 281

  • Phone: 830-693-3784
  • Fax: 830-693-3464
  • Monday-Friday 8am-9pm
  • Saturday 9am-7pm
  • Sunday 10am-6pm